Our Work Is Guaranteed

Clark's Tire and Auto Repair provides a full range of automobile services for cars, trucks, individuals, and corporate fleets. Our Certified ASE Mechanics has the ability to perform simple factory maintenance to precise engine installations. All of our work is guaranteed. We are open 6-days a week and have towing and shuttle services available at your request. Relax, you can feel comfortable waiting for your vehicle in our newly remodeled waiting room. We are at your service!

Oil Maintenace

The oil in your vehicle is similar to the blood that is running through your veins. Keeping the oil in your vehicle clean expands the vehicle's life. When oil is not changed dirt will build up on the oil filter. This could clog the engine and cause wear and tear. Or if your oil is low major damage could occur. At Clark's Tire and Auto Repair we use high quality oil and your service includes an inspection of hoses, belts, fluids, and tire pressure. Don't take chances with your investment. Bring your vehicle in today!

Check Engine Light

Electrical issues can cause the vehicle not to start, and engine misfires. When your vehicle's check engine light is on don't ignore it. There is a potential problem. Call Clark's Tire and Auto Repair for personalize service. We will pick-up your vehicle from your home or place of work. Or you can call our towing service for assistance 610-328-7884. No job is too large or too small.